Custom Software Development

Providing Central Minnesota with exceptional web and mobile application design and development.

From Acorn to Oak, we’re here to help you take root and succeed - and we provide more than incredible service and stable servers, we actively give back.

  • 500% Green Energy We return 5 times our energy consumption back to the grid with renewable energy. Learn More
  • Empowering People 10% of all hosting plans contributed to human rights organizations such as the ACLU Learn More

We Start with a Healthy Environment


Superb Hardware

We don't mess around with our hardware. Our powerful servers 64 Core, 256 GB RAM, Cloud server run fully redundant on SSD technology, giving you the fastest response times you could possibly ask for.


Reliable Network

With 99.95% uptime, put your mind at ease with our extremely high-availability. Remember when your website wasn't running? Neither do we!


Backups of Backups

We backup daily, up to 10 days. Weekly, up to 4 weeks. Monthly, up to 6 months. Then we backup that backup. Oh, and we do that all twice in separate geo-locations.


Security & Privacy

We don't take things lightly when it comes to your security and privacy. We offer free SSL and implement strict application and server level firewalls. On top of that we run routine Malware Scans and Security Audits.

Then Plant in a Solid Foundation


Customer Service

Our homegrown dedicated support team puts you first. We strongly believe in providing you the absolute quickest and best customer service you've seen, all in house, with good natured and smart folks.


Technical Support

Sometimes you just need a little more. Whether it's an additional resources, features put on your website, a database driven application, or even a branded mobile app, our homegrown techies are ready to go!


We People

We have a commitment to all people, not just our customers. And that is why we dedicate 10% of all subscription payments go to non-profit organizations such as the ACLU that support people of all types.


We Earth

We understand our environmental impact as a hosting company. That is why our servers run directly on 40% renewable energy. But we don't stop there, for every 1 MWh of power consumption from we ensure 3 MWh of renewable energy feeds back into the grid. We effectively run on 500% renewable.

And Nurture and Encourage Strong Growth


Online in Minutes

We have an automated process that gets you online within minutes after choosing your plan. One click WordPress installation and our Site Builders help you get up and going quick!


Seed is Planted

Once your site is live, search engine robots begin automatically discovering your site as soon as links are provided. You're already starting to grow, can you feel it?


Upselling? Not us

We value our customers time and commitment. That's why we don't annoy you with sneaky upselling techniques, hidden costs, or tricks. We provide you what you need, when you need it.


Let The Sun Shine!

Feel good about your hosting. We certainly feel good about what we're doing to help our customers, the environment, and people all around the world. Feel that sun on your face, it feels great!

Until we hear this


Little Acorn is awesome! We moved from one of the big name hosts and they helped us every step of the way while we migrated, and now we've noticed faster speeds and have a company that aligns closer to our morals.

Nicole, Business Owner

Finally, a company that doesn't call me every day trying to sell me some new package or upgrade. Very personal chat, just a solid company that seems to actually care.

Ben, Graphic Designer

Available and well spoken support is a rarity in the hosting world. Kudos to Little Acorn for not only their hosting, but their cordial staff, and generous commitments. I'm happy to be a part of it all.

Andy, WordPress Freelancer


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