Commitment To Our Environment

Protecting the earth

Environmental Commitment

Often the environmental impact of the internet is not brought to the forefront, but we're hoping that changes with our commitment. The internet's energy and carbon footprints are huge, and growing. Without major change, in 15 years we could see an internet responsible for 20% of global power consumption..

To put it in more perspective, 1 hour of video streaming uses the same amount of electricity to power a hairdryer for 30 minutes per day, for one year. Now take that and think of the estimated 2 billion new users on the internet by 2020.

When we came across this news, it staggered us. So we decided to do our best to make a difference. Here is what we did.

First, we decided to run on as much renewable power as we could to reduce our environmental impact. We are currently running on 40% renewable energy, and hope to make it 50% by the end of 2017.

Second, we decided to take our total power consumption, including the amount ran on renewable energy already, and triple that amount and commit it back into the grid through purchasing renewable energy certificates.

It's through these two steps that we effectively running 500% renewable, and we hope to increase that as we strive to reach running our servers on 100% renewable. while keeping our pledge to give triple the energy we used back to the grid.

Commitment To People

Protecting the people

Social Commitment

We hope to lead by example and put the acceptance of people of all types as a primary focus and commitment in our company. The world is not a perfectly safe place by any means, but there are certain organizations that lead the charge in defending and preserving the rights, liberties, and freedoms of all.

That is why we also have pledged that 10% of all hosting plans will be donated directly to non profit organizations that focus on a wide range of human rights.

Currently, we are splitting the contribution evenly across all of the following non profit organizations:



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We are succeeding. We are providing competitive, impressive hosting with quality service at affordable prices - all while giving back.

Now... If only we can just convince other hosts to lead by example with us.

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