Our Core Values

What defines us


Morality to us means doing the right thing, in all situations. As a hosting provider, we realize we have a direct impact on the environment by powering servers for our customers. We feel the right thing to do is pay back this environmental impact.

It also means contributing where we can to causes we believe are right; included are things such as prejudice, discrimination, and equality in the world. We hope to make a direct impact to these causes both in the United States and the world by donating a portion of our profits to them.


Balance to us means having a work/life balance that suits you. We people happy at work, happy at home, create the most efficient, effective, and best employees around. That is why we consider a work/life balance imperative to our business.


We strongly believe in active listening and this comes first and foremost to our customers, but also to all aspects of our business. If we do not keep our mind and attention directed solely on our understanding ones wants and needs, we cannot firmly begin to provide solutions and answers.


We value the use of imagination and original ideas in order to approach a problem from a different angle. Often times, it's the creative solution that provides the quick, desired result. If we don't keep our creative thinking active, we may not be putting our best foot forwards in all situations.


Similar to creativity, we must have a willingness to change process and procedure for the better. We need to stay on our toes so that if new issues arise, or creative solutions are found for recurring issues, we're able to nimbly and quickly roll these changes out to attain the effected outcome.


Our last core value is the extremely important results value. A company is measured by it's ability to produce quality products and services and we must hold ourselves not only to the highest standards but look in the results of our efforts to determine our effectiveness. Without powerful results in our business, the rest of our values will be strained to achieve.



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