Hosting Dashboard

There are two ways to access the Hosting Management Panel.

  1. Click on Services then click on the row of the domain you wish to view.

Client Area

Products Services


  1. Click on your domain listed under Your Active Products/Services

Client Area


The Hosting Dashboard

Once you have navigated to the Hosting Dashboard, you can see some key stats about your website and perform some basic functions.

Hosting Dashboard

The Side Menus

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see a menu.

Side Menus


Information will return you to the main Hosting Dashboard.


Login to cPanel will take you to your cPanel. cPanel is where you will build, edit, and manage your website.

Login to Webmail will go to the webmail associated with the domain.

Change Password is where you’ll go to update your password.

Request Cancellation if you would like to cancel your domain.


Available Actions

The first section is called Package/Domain. In this box, you’ll find links to view your website, manage your domain, and view the WHOIS information for your website.

Package Domain


In the Usage Statistics box, you’ll see the disk usage and bandwidth usage stats for your website.

Usage Statistics


Under the Quick Shortcuts box, you’ll find a variety of links to manage your website. These are quick links to your cPanel.

Quick Shortcuts


The Quick Create Email Account box makes is easy for you to setup additional email accounts. Setting up multiple emails can help you presort your email. You could create an email for other users or employees. You could setup an email for customer service, one for sales, and another for general contact.

Quick Create Email Account


Finally, under Billing Overview you can see your billing status, payment method, and your next due date.

Billing Overview


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