How To Access Your cPanel

Sometimes finding your cPanel can be a little aggravating, but we try to make it easy by giving you a couple of options.

There are two ways to access your cPanel:

Accessing cPanel through your Client Area

  1. Go to your Client Area, and click on “Services” at the top.
  2. Under your “Services” page, you’ll see your hosting packages associated with your account. Click on the service that is associated with the domain you want to install WordPress under.
  3. Once on your Details page for the service, on the left hand side you’ll see “Actions”. Click on cPanel and it will automatically put you onto your domains cPanel.

Accessing cPanel through your website domain

  1. This is the easiest and most commonly used way to access your cPanel. Simple, write the URL of your site in the address bar with /cpanel afterwords. For example,
  2. Enter your username and password for the cPanel login.

Once you have accessed cPanel, then you’re able to perform many of the tasks that control your website such as file transfer, one click installs (such as WordPress and Magento), backups, and MySQL databases.

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