Using the Domain Dashboard

From your Client Area landing page, click on the green Domains button to go to the Domain Dashboard.



This is the Domain Dashboard. Across the top there are four buttons. Three of the buttons are the same. The one new button is Quotes. Click on Quotes to view any quotes related to your domains.

Domain Dashboard


Actions Menu

On the left of the screen you’ll see an Actions Menu.

Actions Menu

Renew will allow you to renew your domain(s).

Register a New Domain is where you’ll go if you need to create a new domain.

Transfer in a Domain will allow you to transfer an existing domain from another server.


Managing Domain Information

Next, click on the row of the domain you wish to view.

Domain Dashboard Highlight


This will take you to a summary of your domain.

Domain Attributes



Under the overview section you’ll see the key information about the registration status of your domain. You’ll be able to find your next due date, how much your next payment will be, and the status of the domain.


What would you like to do today?

In this section you’ll find several links.

What to do menu

Change the nameservers your domain points to

This link takes you to the page where you can set which nameservers the domain points to. There are two options: use default nameservers or use custom nameservers.


Update the WHOIS contact information for your domain

This area will allow you to update your contact information for the domain. Maintaining accurate WHOIS information is an important part of maintaining your domain. If the information here is inaccurate or missing, the domain can be suspended.


Change the registrar lock status for your domain

From here you can lock or unlock your domain. Keeping the domain locked will prevent the domain from being transferred without your authorization.


Renew your domain

Click here to renew your domain.


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